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Ratul Hasan
Ratul Hasan
Whatever it takes, spread happiness 😊
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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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  1. framework (Forked)
    MIT License Updated 3 weeks ago
    The Laravel Framework.

  2. colour-schemes (Forked)
    Other Updated 2 years ago
    Colour schemes for a variety of editors created by Dayle Rees.

  3. wp-emoji
    PHP MIT License Updated 4 months ago
    A minor plugin that can fix your WordPress emoji problems.

  4. wp-erp (Forked)
    JavaScript Updated 1 week ago
    An open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for WordPress

  5. wp-notification-center (Forked)
    PHP Updated 5 months ago
    A notification center plugin for WordPress

  6. action-scheduler (Forked)
    GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 5 months ago
    A scalable, traceable job queue for background processing large queues of tasks in WordPress. Specifically designed for distribution in WordPress plugins (and themes) - no server access required.

  7. wp-query-builder (Forked)
    MIT License Updated 6 months ago
    A database query builder for WordPress

  8. learning-go
    Go 1 1 Updated 6 months ago
    Learning Go lang

  9. learning-react
    1 1 Updated 3 months ago

  10. gutenberg-examples (Forked)
    Updated 9 months ago
    Examples for extending WordPress/Gutenberg with blocks.

  11. UrlHum (Forked)
    MIT License Updated 11 months ago
    The modern, privacy-aware URL Shortener built in PHP.

  12. react-graphql-nodejs-mysql-starter
    TypeScript MIT License Updated 12 months ago
    A basic starter for React, TypeScript, GraphQL, NodeJS, MySQL

  13. (Forked)
    JavaScript 1 1 MIT License Updated 5 days ago
    🎨🛠📌 সম্পূর্ণ বাংলায় ডেভেলপার চিটশিট 🎨🛠📌

  14. woocommerce (Forked)
    1 1 Updated 9 months ago
    An open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress.

  15. woocommerce-conversion-tracking (Forked)
    PHP 1 1 Updated 9 months ago
    Adds various conversion tracking codes to cart, checkout, registration success and product page on WooCommerce

  16. covid-hospitals-bd
    JavaScript 3 3 GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 9 months ago
    COVID Dedicated Hospital's Information for Bangladesh.

  17. gutenberg (Forked)
    JavaScript Other Updated 12 months ago
    The Block Editor project for WordPress and beyond. Plugin is available from the official repository.

  18. coblocks (Forked)
    GNU General Public License v2.0 Updated 1 year ago
    A suite of professional page building content blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg block editor.

  19. dokan (Forked)
    JavaScript 1 1 Updated 4 months ago
    Multivendor marketplace platform

  20. custom-role-creator
    CSS 1 1 GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 9 months ago
    Custom Role Creator plugin allows you to add or change user roles and capabilities easily. Link:

  21. php-src (Forked)
    Other Updated 2 years ago
    The PHP Interpreter

  22. one-click-logo (Forked)
    PHP GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 2 years ago

  23. my-github
    CSS 6 6 2 GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 9 months ago
    A simple WordPress plugin that can track your github's public profile.

  24. laravel-backup (Forked)
    MIT License Updated 9 months ago
    A package to backup your Laravel app

  25. RatulHasan
    1 1 Updated 1 year ago
    My GitHub's status.

  26. 3d-card-effect (Forked)
    Updated 9 months ago

  27. dwv (Forked)
    GNU General Public License v3.0 Updated 9 months ago
    DICOM Web Viewer: open source zero footprint medical image viewer.

  28. meteor (Forked)
    JavaScript Other Updated 3 years ago
    Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform

  29. now-examples (Forked)
    JavaScript Updated 9 months ago
    Examples of Now deployments you can use

  30. Titan-Framework (Forked)
    PHP Updated 4 years ago
    The easiest to use WordPress option framework.

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